kangaroo paw seedling planted in bare soil

Serpentine Jarrahdale Free Verge Plants Program

    Over the past few months, Landcare SJ in partnership with the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale has coordinated the 2020 Free Verge Plant Program. The Free Verge Plant Program adds to the Shire of SJ’s Urban and Rural Forest Strategy – which aims at improving tree canopy and vegetation coverage within the shire. An […]

narrow leaf cotton bush

Weed ID and Advice Workshop

Weed experts Greg Keighery, Order of Australia recipient, and Principal Ecologist Andrew Mitchell present a weeds ID and advice workshop.

Landcare SJ Planting Calendar for 2020

The 2020 Landcare SJ planting season starts soon. Landcare SJ is always ready to welcome new volunteers. There are many groups that look after a piece of bushland throughout Serpentine Jarrahdale and would love your help.

SJ Residents Garden Competition 2020

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale is excited to be holding the first SJ Garden Competition to recognise the great home gardens we have within our Shire both rural and suburban across four categories.

scene bush walk man back

Banksia Woodland Project at Brickwood Reserve

Brickwood Reserve is located in an urban area of Byford adjacent to Briggs Park and extending out along Soldiers Road in Cardup. The reserve is environmentally significant and includes Bush Forever areas and threatened ecological communities including Banksia Woodland

Byford gets a new park

Byford Enviro-link watered the plants in Granfell St and Marchant Way and also the new park proposed to be called Marri Tree Park this morning. Council has agreed to the name and this request is being progressed through government channels.

Willetton Senior High School Monitoring Activity in Cockatubes

Willetton Senior High School has been monitoring Black Cockatoo activity in three Cockatubes situated in Applecross. The purpose of our visit was to learn more about Darren’s experience with using a number of different solar powered cameras attached to artificial nestboxes.

Landcare SJ R U OK Day 2019

The Landcare SJ Inc Board determined in 2018 that we would hold an annual planting day on national R U OK? Day, in support of community well-being.