Nest boxes and other products for sale

The COCKATUBE ® nest box

The COCKATUBE ® nest box has been designed specifically for the 4 species of Black Cockatoo found in Western Australia, but is suitable for Black Cockatoo species Australia wide.

With some maintenance the COCKATUBE ® is expected to last over 50 years.

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1400mm x 375mm             $450 plus GST

1200mm x 375mm             $420  plus GST

Recommended by DBCA (Dept. Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions) as optimum hollow dimensions for WA Black Cockatoos, and suitable for all Australian species of Black Cockatoos.



Landcare SJ can provide a full installation service or installation advice.

You can install the  COCKATUBE ® yourself and Installation Guidelines are available at purchase.


Generally a cherry picker or tree climber (preferably an arborist) will be required.

Bat Boxes

This Bat box is designed to accommodate the Western Australian Micro bat.

It can be mounted on a flat surface such as a wall or a tree and the bat have a choice of either hanging from the bark/wall surface or the roughened nest surface.

They use the surface as a landing pad and enter the box from the bottom.

The box is suspended by 2 chains that hold it against the tree but also will move outward with the growth of the tree.

Made of solid, longlasting polypipe.

PRICE $40 plus GST    Contact Us for enquiries

micro bat box

micro bat box

micro bat box

Pardalote Nest Boxes

The Pardalote or small bird nest box is designed for small birds that require hollows for a nest.

The entrance tube is in place so predators such as Ravens cannot get at the nestlings.

The entrance is also located at one end of the nest so the birds can create their nest structure at the other end.

PRICE $38 plus GST.   Contact Us for enquiries,



pardelote nest box
pardelote nest box

  Kangaroo Gates

These gates allow free movement for kangaroos whilst minimizing fence maintenance related to roo damage.

Price is $120 plus GST = $132.00.    Contact Us for more information.

kangaroo gates installed in a conservation fence
kangaroo gates installed in a conservation fence