Coffey road reserve revegetation

Coffey road reserve is a previously un-vegetated public open space that is subject to wind erosion and is the source of many wind-borne weed seeds. The intention at this site is to create habitat for native fauna including feeding and nesting species for black cockatoos; provide for use by local residents for horse riding and dog walking; reduce the weed burden; and protect the soil from wind erosion.

bushland Coffey Road Serpentine

Coffey Road NW corner July 2013


Previously this site was sprayed every year and in the absence of a replacement program, the wind erosion became more pronounced. This site has been part of larger funding applications since 2013, including from the Australian Federal Government through the Community Action Grant in 2013; and Greening Australia in 2014. The Peel-Harvey Catchment Council has also contributed funding for activities at this site – in 2016 this was through the Rivers 2 Ramsar project.


regenerated bushland Coffey Road Serpentine

Coffey Rd NW corner June 2016



  • Design of the project to maximise wind break properties of the revegetation.

  • Ripping of the soil prior to revegetation, to de-compact the soil profile and increase the chance of survival for the seedlings.

  • Extensive weed control program, particularly for love grass.

  • Inclusion of suitable species for black cockatoo feeding and future nesting.

  • Land owners along Coffey road have assisted with weed control, keeping the site tidy and some watering during the first summers after planting.

  • Revegetation carried out thus far during 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, with assistance from the Coffey road land owners.

  • Assistance from the Green Army in 2016 – weed control and planting.

  • Assistance from the Shire – firebreaks and some weed control.

    regenerated bushland Coffey Road Serpentine

    NE corner July 2015


    bushland Coffey Road serpentine

    NE corner July 2016

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