Peel Harvey Catchment Council Community Grants

A total of $65,240 has been provided by the Australian Federal Government through the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council for the protection and enhancement of 4 significant bushland reserve in Serpentine Jarrahdale and north Murray.

  1. Brickwood reserve, Byford – 50ha
  2. Mundijong road and Duckpond reserve – 11ha
  3. North Dandalup Primary School reserve – 2ha
  4. Privately owned bushland in Serpentine – 9ha people walking in Brickwood that has just been given funds from the Peel Harvey Catchment Council Community Grants to help protect and enhance.


  • Actions:
  • Flora monitoring plots have been established at all of the sites.
  • Seasonal weed control has been carried out by a contractor at all of the sites.
  • The privately owned bushland was part of a Healthy Habitats bus tour.
  • A flora walk was carried out in Brickwood reserve by volunteers of the Friends of Brickwood group.
  • Weed mapping has been carried out at the North Dandalup Primary School reserve.
  • Seed collected from the bushland reserve sites has been sent to a nursery for propagation for planting in 2017.
  • Further seed collecting will take place from November 2016 to February 2017.
  • Ongoing seasonal weed control will occur at the project sites.
  • An Action Management Plan will be produced for the North Dandalup Primary School reserve.

two men and two women inspecting bushland un Serpentine site-visit-with-teachers-ndps-bushland


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