Water For Wildlife – How To Help Wildlife In Hot Weather

Summer is here and with it, the quintessential Australian heat. During this time of year, reliable water sources are drying up and becoming scarcer for wildlife to find. This seasonal issue has been emphasised through urban sprawl and development of natural areas. However, individuals can help by installing cost effective watering points on their property.

Here are somethings to think of if you’re installing a water point:

  • Safe and fit-for purpose water dispenser
  • Have a variety of different water sources in different locations to make them accessible for a range of species
  • Easy to access, clean and refill with fresh water
  • Safely mounted and easily relocated
  • Cost effective and simple to make with no sharp edges or entanglement points
  • Able to have the water changed daily to prevent the spread of disease, or have a secure gravity fed reservoir that is not able to be contaminated or fouled with debris or faeces
  • Constructed with either a small watering access point or, for those with a larger surface area of accessible water, have a ramp or other device provided for an animal to scramble out if they fall in
  • Non-porous containers are more hygienic and easier to clean.

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two black cockatoos at a water station

Photo courtesy of Rick Dawson

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