Peel-Harvey Rivers 2 Ramsar: connecting river corridors

Landcare SJ has been involved with this project since 2014, through implementation of on-ground actions in the ‘Upper Serpentine’ of the Peel-Harvey catchment. Final reporting has just been completed, with lots of achievements throughout the Region, thanks to the Federal Government funding that has been filtered down through the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council. In SJ alone: […]

Federation Park Serpentine July 2014 after planting

Peel-Harvey 2 Ramsar: Connecting River Corridors for Landscape resilience

Update by Kristy Gregory, Landcare SJ Officer   Trail bike jumps at the Federation Park revegetation site are impacting more and more on our seedlings. The attached photos are over time from the same photo point from July 2013 to June 2016 showing the progress from weeds to revegetation.     These photos illustrate the […]