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A community baiting season ensures that landholders are baiting at the same time over a large area, and at an optimum time of year.

Landholders who are currently accredited and hold a permit for the use of Restricted Chemical Products can participate in the spring baiting season. If you are not accredited in the use of 1080, this is a good opportunity to go through that process for future baiting seasons.

Please enquire with Landcare SJ 9526 0012 or to find out if you are eligible to become accredited.


Remember, baiting is not the only option for feral animal control.

You can also contact us for information about alternatives, including trapping and up and coming demonstration events.

Funded by the State Natural Resource Management (NRM) Office. This project represents a partnership between the community, Water Corporation, DAFWA, and Housing Authority – to eliminate water Hyacinth infesting 28km of the Birega drain and Serpentine river, running from Mundijong in the north to Keralup wetlands in the south.

3 years of aerial surveillance of the water hyacinth infestation have been carried out by helicopter and thousands of images analysed by the SJ Landcare Community.Water Hyacinth in Keralup


Serpentine River Weed Management Plan

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This project is a fee for service provided to Brookfield Rail, and represents a partnership with them, the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale and the Department of Parks and Wildlife. This project will run until 2018 and focuses on the restoration of significant plant communities located at the project site, through controlled burning and weed control.

Flora monitoring

  • Six 2x2m and one 10x10m flora plots have been established in partnership with the Department of Parks and Wildlife for monitoring native flora recovery after fire.

  • Photo points have also been established for monitoring purposes.

Weed control

Native Grass regeneration October 2016

Landcare SJ has been involved with this project since 2014, through implementation of on-ground actions in the ‘Upper Serpentine’ of the Peel-Harvey catchment. Final reporting has just been completed, with lots of achievements throughout the Region, thanks to the Federal Government funding that has been filtered down through the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council.

  • 4.3km fencing to protect waterways from stock.
  • Trapping of feral pests in 1600ha bushland.
  • 17ha weed control in natural areas containing waterways and bushland.
  • 8ha revegetation, to improve the health and resilience of natural areas associated with waterways.
  • 3 riffles installed – 2 on the Serpentine River and 1 on the Karnup Creek, to slow down water flow and create in-stream habitat.
  • 4 off-stream watering points to remove stock from a waterway.
  • Seed collected in 42ha bushland and stored in a seed bank for future revegetation projects.
  • Installation of 4 artificial nest boxes in breeding areas of black cockatoo species.

Healthy Habitats Stewardship Program


The Healthy Habitats program has been running since 2009 and is a partnership between the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale and Landcare SJ. It implements recommendations made by the Shire's Local Biodiversity Strategy by offering support to landholders with privately owned bushland.

If you are interested in this program or would like more information please contact us