Regenerating Banksia woodland in Serpentine Jarrahdale

Clearing of land for agriculture and development, along with the spread of invasive weeds, feral animals and plant diseases such as Dieback,  has led to the loss of most of this unique ecosystem. These woodlands provide food and home for ...
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3 metre pool removed from Byford Public Open Space

Last week the Byford EnviroLink ( BEL)spent some time removing litter and cotton bush from Public Open Space between Briggs Road and Sarsaparilla Ramble in the Marri Grove area of Byford. Over 20 bags of rubbish were collected which contained ...
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Mainland quokka in Jarrahdale bushland

Lookout! There maybe a quokka nearby

We are all familiar with the quokkas on Rottnest Island, with many of us grabbing that quintessential selfie with the friendly and inquisitive species. However, you may not be aware that there are scattered populations of Quokkas across the Southwest ...
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tree women and one man , volunteers standing behind a pile of lovegrass on Soliers Road, Byford

Byford Envirolink tackle lovegrass on Soldiers Road

Throughout the last year, Byford Envirolink has been carrying out conservation works along Soldiers Road between Cardup and Byford. Currently, roadworks are being conducted along Soldiers Road in parts of the same area in which the conservation works are planned ...
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Several people planting into wet ripped paddocks in Serpentine Jarrahdale, Western Australia

Drying Out Wet Soils –Using Plants

Due to the wetland nature of the Swan Coastal Plain, many areas within the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale experience seasonal water inundation or waterlogged soils. This physical feature of the landscape can become problematic for landowners, as it may conflict ...
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people sitting in a paddock listening to someone speaking

SJ Equestrian Regenerative Soils Trial Workshop

The SJ Food and Farm Alliance recently presented the SJ Equestrian Property Regenerative Soil Health Trial Workshop and Field Day. The event was supported by Landcare SJ. The workshop included guest speakers Belinda Taylor from Hoof Hearted Hoof Care presenting ...
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Restoration of Gooralong Brook, Jarrahdale

The Jarrahdale Heritage Society and Landcare SJ, with significant funding through the State NRM Program, have been carrying out environmental restoration works along Gooralong Brook since 2013. Successful weed removal and revegetation has so far been undertaken in an area ...
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Do you have Quendas working in your garden

Have you noticed any small excavation work going on at your place? Have a closer look. It may be rabbits or it may be the work of a little local marsupial called a quenda (Isoondon fusciventer). Quenda is the Noongar ...
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Black Cockatoo Monitoring and Cultural Tour – Binjareb Park, Pinjarra

Black Cockatoo Monitoring and Cultural Tour – Binjareb Park, Pinjarra

Mark and Jedda (MDAA) explaining the six Noongar seasons to workshop participants. During November 2020, Landcare SJ and Birdlife WA presented a Black Cockatoo monitoring workshop at Binjareb Park in Pinjarra, supported through funding from the Alcoa Foundation and the ...
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man and woman standing in front of cotton bush

Cotton bush removal in Mardella and Serpentine

In mid-November, Reece and Sue were busy pulling out more than 300 Narrow-leaf Cotton Bush plants that were gearing up to bust open their fruit. This would have dispersed thousands of seeds along sections of Wright and Lowlands Road. Over ...
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close up of grass tree leaves, Xanthorrhoea preissii

How to identify Grass Trees of the Swan Coastal Plain

There are many species of Grass tree (Xanthorrhoea) endemic to Australia. Two species found on the Swan Coastal Plain are Xanthorrhoea preissii (Grass Tree) and Xanthorrhoea brunonis (Graceful Grass Tree). Xanthorrhoea brunonis could easily be mistaken for a young preissii ...
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Thelymitra macrophylla

Spring Flora Monitoring 2020

Spring Flora Monitoring 2020 Springtime means Spring Flora Monitoring of Banksia Woodland for Landcare SJ. Banksia Woodland has been classified as a Threatened Ecological Community under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. With only small remnants remaining, much ...
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Carnabys cockatoo flying

100+ Cockatubes for bushfire recovery

100+ Cockatubes for bushfire recovery project update Landcare SJ has checked in with the recipients of the 100+ Cockatubes to support habitat recovery for the Glossy Black Cockatoo after last summers devastating bushfires. COVID-19 has slowed progress of installation during ...
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trees on hillside

Can you add to SJ’s tree register

Significant tree register in the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Have you spotted any trees of significance in the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale? In a few easy steps you can nominate a tree for inclusion on the Significant Tree Register. The ...
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old olive trees at afarm in Serpentine Jarrahdale

A GIANT in Horticulture

Local Jarrahdale resident, Clive Glands is a giant of Horticulture in the district, having spent many years as head gardener at Whitby hospital. Pictured below standing in front of one of many 35m plus Karri trees on his property – ...
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people having morning tea

R U OK Day 2020

People are at the heart of all community matters and they are critical to our success. Respecting people, improving the quality of living, appreciating and supporting cultural differences and being good stewards of the land, air, water, flora and fauna ...
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people planting seedlings at Korribingal Brook

Korribingal Brook 2007 – 2020

Report by Reece Jerret, Landcare SJ Natural Resource Management Officer It was a fantastic opportunity to return to one of our early National Tree Day sites in Jarrahdale – Korribingal Brook. Many of the seedlings have now matured into habitat ...
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burchardia plant flowering

Mundijong Rd Planting Season 2020

Report by Reece Jerret, LandcareSJ Natural Resource Management Officer Whilst the 2020 planting season has come to an end, it doesn’t mean we’re finished with our planting sites until next season. Sue and Reece have been busy in the second ...
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Landcare SJ hold Drop-In Sessions for Shire of Murray

Shire of Murray and Landcare SJ Landcare Drop-In Sessions On Monday October 5th the Shire of Murray and Landcare SJ once again held the monthly Landcare Drop-in Session at the Court House, Pinjarra. These sessions are designed to assist landowners ...
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