Spring baiting season 2017

The Serpentine Jarrahdale and Coolup Land Conservation District Committees are running a spring community baiting season. Thanks once again to funding from the State NRM Program. A community baiting season ensures that landholders are baiting at the same time over a large area, and at an optimum time of year. Landholders who are currently accredited […]

Red Tailed Black Cockatoo inspecting an artificial nesting box outside the Landcare SJ office in Mundijong.

Measuring NRM Success – Project Update

State NRM Project 2016, CCGL15461: MEASURING NRM SUCCESSES IN SERPENTINE JARRAHDALE. Read all about the latest news on this project as written by project officer Sarah Way-   Since commencing with Landcare at the end of May, Sarah has been systematically reviewing all Landcare’s project data from 2007 through to the present. Not surprisingly, Landcare’s […]

Spraying phosphide on to control dieback

NEW Funding Received for Dieback Control

Peel-Harvey Catchment Council Community Environment Grant Round 2 Dieback Treatment on Private Land Three large areas of privately owned native vegetation will benefit from grant funding through the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council’s Community Environment Grant. The grant will be used to treat 3870m of Phytophthora dieback disease front, which will protect 142ha of bushland from infestation […]

camera captures picture of fox at night

Feral Animal Control Project – Update

This $42,000 grant from NRM WA is coming to an end after more than 3 years of feral animal control activities on public and private land: More than 1600 baits laid during 6 subsidised baiting seasons at optimum times of the year; also to encourage landholders to bait at the same time to increase baiting […]

Peel Harvey Catchment Council Community Grants

A total of $65,240 has been provided by the Australian Federal Government through the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council for the protection and enhancement of 4 significant bushland reserve in Serpentine Jarrahdale and north Murray. Brickwood reserve, Byford – 50ha Mundijong road and Duckpond reserve – 11ha North Dandalup Primary School reserve – 2ha Privately owned bushland […]

regenerated bushland Coffey Road Serpentine

Coffey road reserve revegetation

Coffey road reserve is a previously un-vegetated public open space that is subject to wind erosion and is the source of many wind-borne weed seeds. The intention at this site is to create habitat for native fauna including feeding and nesting species for black cockatoos; provide for use by local residents for horse riding and […]

people burning off weeds in bushland in Jarrahdale

Gooralong Brook restoration, Jarrahdale $15 000

Funding of $15,000 has been provided by the State NRM Office for restoration of a 400m reach of the Gooralong brook in Jarrahdale between the Old Mill Managers House and the Fjord crossing at Jarrahdale road. This project represents a partnership with the Jarrahdale Heritage Society and National Trust (WA). Actions: Intensive removal of large […]

Peel-Harvey Rivers 2 Ramsar: connecting river corridors

Landcare SJ has been involved with this project since 2014, through implementation of on-ground actions in the ‘Upper Serpentine’ of the Peel-Harvey catchment. Final reporting has just been completed, with lots of achievements throughout the Region, thanks to the Federal Government funding that has been filtered down through the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council. In SJ alone: […]

Eradication of water Hyacinth in the Birega drain and Serpentine river

To find out more about the Aquila project and how it is helping the Serpentine River click here   Funding of $16,000 has been provided by the State NRM Office. This project will run until December 2017 and represents a partnership between the community, Water Corporation, DAFWA, and Housing Authority – to eliminate water Hyacinth […]