Healthy Habitats – Creating Wetlands at Bodhinyana Buddhist Monastery

Healthy Habitats – Creating Wetlands

picture of monk and bontanist inspecting dam at Bodhinyana Buddhist Monastery

Penny Hollick from the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale and Kristy Gregory, Landcare SJ officer did a Healthy Habitats site visit to the Bodhinyana Buddhist Monastery today.

picture of monk at Bodhinyana Buddhist Monastery




The monks would like to turn their 3 dams into living wetlands so  were seeking expert advice through the Healthy Habitats Program about plant species and revegetation methods.

Venerable Pasado and Venerable Sampisadna are the two monks who are coordinating the process. Kristy and Penny stayed for the daily offering and enjoyed a lunch made by the beautiful volunteers who provide for the monastery every day.


picture of Bodhinyana Buddhist Monastery dam












‘Healthy Habitats’ is a stewardship program developed by the shire in partnership with Landcare Serpentine Jarrahdale for conservation of biodiversity on private property.

The program addresses the need for owners of bushland to have access to expert technical advice, and acknowledges the efforts of private landowners to manage their natural areas for the benefit of the wider community as well as themselves.

If you would like to know more about this program click here  .

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