Plan For Christmas 2022 – With An Australian Christmas Tree

Christmas trees of Australia

At this time of year, pines are always in high demand. With people often opting for a plastic tree or a chopped down Pinus radiata to help celebrate the festivities. But did you know that Australia has plenty of native ‘festive’ trees that you can grow in your garden or a pot to decorate each December?

  1. Wollemi Pine – Wollemia nobilis
  2. Woolly Bush – Adenanthos sericeus
  3. Cape Leeuwin Wattle – Paraserianthes lopantha
  4. Lilly Pilly – Syzygium smithii
  5. One-sided Bottle Brush – Calothamnus spp
  6. Rottnest Island Pine – Callitris preissii
  7. Norfolk Island Pine – Araucaria heterophylla
  8. Hakea spp.
  9. Grevillea spp.

It’s important to note that not all of these species are native to Western Australia. However, these species are well adapted to the Australian climate, better for the environment as living carbon store compared to conventional artificial trees and better for the local environment as potential habitat.

lillypilly christmas tree

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