Regenerating Banksia woodland in Serpentine Jarrahdale


Clearing of land for agriculture and development, along with the spread of invasive weeds, feral animals and plant diseases such as Dieback,  has led to the loss of most of this unique ecosystem.

These woodlands provide food and home for our native animals and birds.

Banksia Woodlands of the Swan Coastal Plain are listed as a Threatened Ecological Community.

Banksias are part of an ancient family of plants that began appearing around the same time as the extinction of the dinosaurs.

20,000 ha of Banksia Woodlands are spread over 5,000 sites in the PeelHarvey Catchment.



ariel photo bushland king road, Oakford. Western Australia



Landcare SJ is part of a 5 year Banksia Woodlands project to protect, manage and restore some of these sites in public and private land in Serpentine Jarrahdale and Murray.

A 2000m2 area in Oakford is part of a shire reserve and currently leased by the Peel Horse and Pony Club.

It is adjacent to 20ha of Banksia woodland (TEC) and acts as a buffer between the Pony Cub and the bushland.



There were very few natives and Veldt grass and pigface were the dominant weeds.

Landcare SJ has carried out weeding funded by the Shire of SJ’s weed control budget.

The funding for planting is through the PHCC.

Planting started at the 2019 National Tree Day event.

Soil amendment has been required because of the sand.

Lots of native species are now regenerating.





volunteers planting seedlings in buffer zone next to Banksia Bushland, WA

degraded bushland in Oakford WA

Weed infested site in 2018 prior to start of project.

regenerated bushland in Oakford WA

Photo taken prior to 2021 planting


On 25th June members of the Landcare SJ team along with the help of the Byford Enviro-Link  planted seedlings and installed biodegradable plant guards to give them the best start.

If you would like to learn more about our beautiful local plants and animals or take part in one of our planting events  contact Landcare SJ for more details.


Article and photos by Kristy Gregory

Senior Natural Resource Management Officer, Landcare SJ

volunteers planting seedlings in buffer zone next to Banksia Bushland, WA

volunteers planting seedlings in buffer zone next to Banksia Bushland, WA

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