A GIANT in Horticulture

Local Jarrahdale resident, Clive Glands is a giant of Horticulture in the district, having spent many years as head gardener at Whitby hospital. Pictured below standing in front of one of many 35m plus Karri trees on his property – possibly the furthest north a Karri tree has been noted growing to such a height – and still young in terms of the trees expected lifespan and height to tower above the canopy.

Clive has been planting a very special arboretum on his property over the last 45 years, which include:

Melaleuca quinquinerva Bay tree

Macadamia E rudis, rhaphiophylla, marri

Willow E grandis

Red tingle Araucarias (multiple spp)

Kurrajongs (multiple spp) Moreton bay fig

Tuart Pittosporum undulatum and mock orange

Stringybark Edible fig

Karri Illawarra flame tree

American and European plane trees Swedish plane tree

Horse chestnut Cork oak

Claret ash Asian bell tree

Manchurian pear Red cedar

Indian coral tree Carob

Grevillea robusta European elm

Red flowering gum Wattles inc Cootamundra and podalyriifolia

Sydney bluegum Blackbutt

South American pepper tree, male and female Pines – several spp

Canadian sugar maple Mulberry

Red maple British ash

Queensland firewheel tree Fiddle-leaved fig

man standing in front of karri tree

Clive Glands standing in front of Karri tree in Whitby , Serpentine Jarradale

trunk of oldest olive tree in western australia

oldest olive tree in western australia


Clive loves nature, and planting unusual trees on his property. According to Clive many of the species planted are to provide a “food chain for anything that wants to live down there”.

Some of the wildlife spotted on his property include long-necked tortoise, marron, herons, spotted pardalote, dugite and tiger snakes, racehorse goanna, geckos, King’s skink, fresh water mussels, microbats, and a red Phascogale.


Landcare SJ and Shire Environmental and Biodiversity Officer, botanist Dr. Penny Hollick, recently visited Clive, to register the 83 year olds arboretum for the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale’s Significant Tree Register.


What was truly amazing though, were the oldest olive trees planted in Western Australia – around the time the property was developed in 1844.

Mr Glands said, “In those days there was no lighting, and the olive oil produced from the trees fruit was used in lamps to light the homestead”. The trees with a girth of 5 metres stand over 20 metres tall.

It was truly a horticulturist’s paradise and an absolute pleasure to share Clive’s passion – he is still planting trees!

old olive trees at afarm in Serpentine Jarrahdale

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