Korribingal Brook 2007 – 2020

Report by Reece Jerret, Landcare SJ Natural Resource Management Officer

It was a fantastic opportunity to return to one of our early National Tree Day sites in Jarrahdale – Korribingal Brook.

Many of the seedlings have now matured into habitat providing trees and shrubs. Further stabilising the banks of the Brook.

Whilst visiting the brook we carried out manual weed removal of small groups of Cotton Bush. We believe that we caught these populations just in time. Before the numbers grew into a population too large to control via manual hand removal.

Below is one of the plants we pulled out on the day. It seems to be one of the largest ones that we have removed. Towering over Reece, who is 6ft tall.

man staning next to very tall cottonbush
people planting seedlings at Korribingal Brook
mature plants at revegetation site at Korribingal Brook
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