Banksia Woodland Project at Brickwood Reserve

Brickwood Reserve is located in an urban area of Byford adjacent to Briggs Park and extending out along Soldiers Road in Cardup. The reserve is environmentally significant and includes Bush Forever areas and threatened ecological communities including Banksia Woodland. It is estimated than half of the Banksia Woodlands across the Swan Coastal Plain have been lost and what remains has become fragmented and degraded due to urban sprawl and increased pressures.

We are fortunate in the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale to have remnants of Banksia Woodland that the community are still able to responsibly enjoy. The Banksia Woodland within the Brickwood Reserve requires ongoing protection, as the population of Byford continues to grow and the pressures on the Woodland also increase. Threats such as cutting fences, ramming gates, use of off-road vehicles, illegally dumping rubbish and green waste, introduced weeds and feral animals, are all having significant negative impacts within the reserve.

Report by Sue Ford NRM Support Officer Landcare SJ

ute and 3 people in front of bushland

Landcare SJ, in partnership with the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, is coordinating a project to improve the health and habitat of Brickwood Reserve. A significant part of the project is to install new fencing around the perimeter of the reserve that contains the threatened ecological community of Banksia Woodland. The new fencing to be erected will be of high tensile wire with strong galvanised gates to discourage illegal and inappropriate entry to the reserve. Other works to be done include dieback treatment, feral animal control, weed spraying and the removal of rubbish and waste.

The work being carried out at Brickwood Reserve is part of a much bigger Banksia Woodland Project supported by the Peel Harvey Catchment Council, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program. The project is still in its early stages with many more sites and much more work to be done. Watch this space for updates on site-works being carried out and all the latest project news.

The community can become involved in the Banksia Woodland Project by becoming a Landcare SJ volunteer, or joining the Friends of Brickwood community group. Once the project is complete it is anticipated that the threatened ecological community of Banksia Woodland will be provided with the adequate protection required to conserve such an environmentally significant area.

Entry Warrington Rd - Ped Access to Brickwood reserve, Planting and Sign

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