Landcare SJ R U OK Day 2019

The Landcare SJ Inc Board determined in 2018 that we would hold an annual planting day on national R U OK? Day, in support of community well-being.   The R U OK? concept is about starting conversations – asking, listening and encouraging action, especially when the response is, “No, I’m not okay.”  Its about following up and checking in.  Its community driven to improve mental health and prevent suicide.  These goals align with Landcare SJ as a community based organisation,

We have chosen to hold the event again this year along Gooralong Brook in Heritage Park, Jarrahdale.  Links to nature and improved mental health are well documented, and this site has such rich natural beauty.  Heritage Park, so named for its link to the 1880s timber industry, includes the recently refurbished Mill Managers House and the Old Post Office/Museum. Gooralong Brook runs through the picturesque park.  The vegetation is a mix of both native and exotic plant species, with Jarrah forest across the stream on the other side of the gully.

flyer for R U OK event

Our efforts on R U OK? Planting day will be to plant 2000 sedges in the riparian zone to protect the river banks, provide faunal habitat and filter nutrients from the stream.  With lots of helpers we should be able to plant in an hour or so.  Then the real work gets done over a cuppa and delicious morning tea from the Jarrahdale Heritage Society.  Asking, listening, encouraging action, and checking in.


Landcare SJ’s aim is to make the annual R U OK? Planting day a corporate and community day.  Everyone is welcome.  Sometimes people don’t want to open up to strangers, and that’s why we encourage you to come with others – your family, friends, colleagues, team or club.  Our corporate supporters, Doral and the Byford and Districts Rotary Club are committed to attending, as well as providing funds to support the event.  The Jarrahdale Community Collective and Jarrahdale Heritage Society are providing community backing.


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