Byford Enviro-Link has busy bee at the Byford Scout Hut


Byford Envirolink members joined Kristy from the Landcare Centre to remove tree guards from the most advanced plants at the Byford Scout Hall Public Open Space.  They have all been neatly packaged for reuse this coming planting season.   There is a great survival rate at this site, but even here you can see the difference in the size of the plants in different areas

two people removing tree guards at bushland by Byford Scout hut
man removing tree guards
man standing amongst seedlings at Byford Scout Hut
rubbish strewn in bushland


On another day three members of the Byford Envirolink were busy cleaning up this mess in the beautiful Public Open Space adjacent to Ginger Ale Circle in Byford.  We also removed a small patch of cotton bush which was covered in seed heads – stopping it from taking over the reserve

two people standing by bags of rubbish collected at a reserve in Byford
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