Second C-Wise Bus Tour a Success

For the second time, Landcare SJ as part of its Equine Landcare Project took a busload of interested landowners to the  C-Wise composting facility in Nambellup.

C-Wise bus Tour 2018

The Soil Amendment Bus Tour was part of the Better Pasture Series of field days, funded through the State NRM Program, and focussed on building healthy soils as a strong base for healthy pasture.

Horse property owners learnt how compost can be a valuable addition to soil and can help promote strong and healthy pasture growth. Compost provides soil structure and nutrient for grass growth, without adding harmful chemical which can be carried into waterways from runoff.

A tour of the C-Wise Operations area revealed the complicated systems that take waste products and turn them into premium grade soil improvers.

Belinda Taylor, from Hoof Hearted Hoof Care, was on hand to answer questions from attendees about their own soil struggles including compaction ( clay+ horses = not good), erosion, bare areas and weeds.

Belinda Taylor's presentation at the 2018 Soil Amendment Bus Tour


Soil testing was advocated throughout the day as pasture growth can be limited by low nutrient levels. Without finding out which ones those are, a property owner can waste a lot of time and money.

Landcare SJ has a Services directory which includes soil testing contact details email for your copy.

Attendees were inspired to take a fresh look at the soils on their properties and many were determined to get soil tests done and follow up with soil amendments.

Can’t wait to see their progress.



This project is supported by funding from the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program.

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