Property Planning Field Day in Serpentine

The Property Planning and PIC Feild Day was held on Serpentine Friday, April 27th, at the wonderful Peaceful Meadows Agistment Centre.

The event is part of the Better Pasture series supported through the State NRM Program’s Community Action Grants.


The field day focused on two topics property planning and Property Identification Codes (PICs). Equine Landcare Consultant Belinda Taylor from Hoof Hearted Hoof Care and an officer from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development provided presentations on the on the topics.

Belinda Taylor started her presentation by asking attendees what they wanted to get out of the workshop, what topics were they interested in, and what issues are they facing on their properties that prompted them to attend.

The presentation was then modified to cover topics such as; pasture management, weed control, managing laminitis in horses, how to asses grass for grazing pressure, the importance of soil testing, and how healthy soil is the base for healthy pasture.




This was a great segway to our next workshop on the 19th May which is a bus tour down to the C-Wise facility focusing on building better soils for better pasture.

Click here for information on the Soil Amendment Bus Tour. 


The Property Identification Code presentation was very informative. There has been some confusion within the horse community about these codes, who needs to have one, and how to apply for one.

Some attendees hadn’t even heard of them.

Some important points from the presentation were;

  1. Every horse owner/ property owner needs to have their own code – this enables the Department to contact you straight away in an emergency.
  2. In an agistment situation the property owner will have a PIC with the horse registered on that PIC and then each horse’s owner will also have their own with the horse and property its agisted on registered on that PIC.
  3. You will receive a brand with your  PIC the horses on your PIC must have this brand but –  if your horses already has a brand you must register that horse on your PIC and have proof of ownership, if you don’t want to brand you can microchip a horse instead and use that to register the horse on your PIC. More details on approved identifiers here.
  4. All livestock are covered under one PIC once you have one you can purchase goats, alpacas, sheep etc and all can be registered under your PIC.
  5. Changes and updates are free to make once you have got your PIC.
  6. A PIC  costs $75.00 for three years.
  7. More information on Property Identification Codes or PIC Numbers can be found here.


The field day rounded off with a paddock walk. Belinda Taylor went over the concepts of property planning and how to incorporate strategies into your own property management. Unfortunately for attendees the Peaceful Meadows Agistment Centre has been very well managed and we struggled to find many weeds and bare patches of soil.




There are still three events to be held as part of the Better Pasture Series email to register for your spots now.

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