Equine Landcare Property Planning Course.

On May 21st Landcare SJ held a full day Property Planning Course in partnership with The Forever Project, Peel-Harvey Catchment Council, and the SJ Equine Landcare Group. There were over 25 attendees representing 13 properties ranging from small acreages to over 100 acres.

Attendees at the Landcare SJ Property Planning Course

The full day property planning course is set up so property owners can develop a 10-15yr management plan. This plan first outlines what you want your property to be for your vision, what it is now and where you want it to go. Attendees are given a laminated A3 map of their property with acetate overlays in which they record information such as fencing, weeds, soil issues, soil types, land use, contours, future plans etc. The forever project presenter Chris Ferriera then takes participants through best practise management options and how they can be incorporated onto the property. Properties with large issues such as compaction, erosion or weed burdens were given step by step help with planning out management which will reduce issues in a manner that aligns with the property owner’s time, money and abilities.

At this event Chris was also joined by Charles Ottway- a chemical engineer who have turned his passion towards teaching sustainable gardening, ecological and Permaculture Design and eco-living in Perth. Charles was able to give detailed information on pasture establishment, pasture types, as well as wind break and fodder tree additions.

Attendees gave some feedback on how they will apply the information learned at the event-

“ …step by step designing property”, “ ..creating a bush corridor, establishing perennial pastures”

The best part of today’s event was-

“Inspiration and advice to change”, “Focussing on small areas at a time but as part of a long term overall plan”, “pasture info and resources on where to go and who to contact”

How can we make the event better in the future-

“..local SW venue we drove for 4.5 hrs!”Yummy catering at the SJ Equine Landcare Property Planning Course

This event was a great success and made possible due to funding by the State NRM Community Capability Grant funding program. This grant funding opportunity has been extended into 2018 and Landcare SJ will be running another series of five workshops focussing on sustainable property management. If you would like to read up about the previous round of field days click here. 

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