Aquila project to help detect water hyacinth on the Serpentine river – the time has come for your assistance!

Members of the Serpentine Jarrahdale community are once again invited to help search for the water Hyacinth in the Birega drain and Serpentine river. This will be done from personal computers by individuals viewing images on a central website, taken by helicopter. Each photo equates to a location on the ground and is assessed as having the weed or not.

The purpose of the trial is to evaluate the effectiveness of the water hyacinth control carried out by the Water Corporation and the Housing Authority in their sections of the waterway.

water hyacinth infesting Serpentine river

Your role

DAFWA is seeking assistance from the community to view images of the Birega drain and Serpentine river, searching for the presence or absence of water Hyacinth. This will involve people joining the search on their computers from the comfort of their homes.

  1. Register on the image hosting website
  2. You will receive a Username and Password so you can log on to look at more images whenever you like.
  3. View the sample images to get your ‘eye in’ so you can recognise water Hyacinth at a glance.
  4. You will be given images one at a time and asked to select if water Hyacinth is ‘present’, ‘absent’ or ‘maybe’ in the image. Once you have made a selection you then move on to the next image.
  5. You can access the website whenever you like, viewing as many images as you have time to do.

Get started whenever you like! Or, for further information please contact Landcare SJ

 Water Hyacinth in river in Oldbury

An infestation of Water Hyacinth in Oldbury

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