Community fox and rabbit baiting season March 2017

Landholders who bait regularly in SJ, Murray, Waroona and Harvey are being encouraged to bait during March 2017. This is an optimum time in terms of bait uptake by target animals; more so when multiple landholders are baiting at the same time across the landscape.

rabbit caught on night vision camera

The Serpentine Jarrahdale and Coolup Land Conservation District Committees are running an end of summer community fox and rabbit baiting season, thanks once again to funding from the State NRM Program.

The baiting season will run from Wednesday 1 February to Thursday 30 March 2017.

Feed is low during late summer, making foxes and rabbits more likely to take baits.

Foxes impact on biodiversity and agriculture, through predation on native and stock animals. Rabbits graze heavily on understorey species of native bushland, which encourages infestation by weeds and disease. They also target scarce feed on farm paddocks, leaving them vulnerable to wind erosion.

Baiting on private land involves the use of Restricted Chemical Products (RCP) for which permits are issued by the Department of Agriculture and Food WA (DAFWA) under the following requirements:

  • Online training in the use of RCP;

  • Property greater than 10ha/25ac;

  • Property location outside of an urban zone;

  • Property location outside of a town water catchment;

  • Ability to bait at least 150m from any dwellings;

  • Storage of bait products in a locked cabinet.

Regular baiters have gone through the training process with DAFWA and can complete a permit application which also needs to be submitted to the Department.

Where we come in is to ensure that our local landholders who wish to bait, do so together and at the most effective times of the year.

Please contact Landcare SJ if you:

  • Are trained in the use of RCP and have not yet applied for a permit for bait products;

  • Already have a permit and would like to apply for a variation to align with the community baiting program;

  • Would like to be trained in the use of RCP;

  • Would like to be on our mailing list so that you can be notified when community baiting programs are coming up;

  • Cannot or do not want to bait – there are alternative options, such as trapping (which can also be complimentary to baiting on private land).

  • Would like to receive our newsletter so that you know when there are up and coming events of interest, such as the trapping demonstration which will be run towards the middle of the year – watch this space!

    fox by water

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