New Information on Possum Relocation

Landcare SJ often receives calls and visits from land owners who would like possums in their roof space to be relocated. As possums are native animals they require permits for both trapping and relocation.

possum in trap



Both ringtail and brushtail possums are found in SJ. Being a highly adaptive animal, they are known to take up residence within roofs which they often use as a pathway between feeding areas. Possums are extremely strong for their size and are often able to shift bricks or roof tiles in order to enter the roof cavity. There are a number of steps that can be taken in order to prevent possums from entering houses, as well as processes to assist in removing them without the need for traps.
We welcome anyone who would like to come in and speak with us regarding this issue as we have some information detailing the steps which can be taken to prevent possums moving in; and also about co-existing with them! A contact list of companies and volunteers who are licenced to trap and remove possums in SJ is also available.





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