Byford Enviro-Link get new watering trailer and tank.


The Byford Enviro-Link, BEL, start the summer with a new trailer and watering tank thanks to a very generous $4,000 donation by a local businessman. The new tank has 1000 L capacity which will ensure that each site can be watered fully. The 4 wheeled trailer is much more stable on rough ground.

On Friday we watered seedlings at Alexander Rd which was covered in waist high lovegrass in 2014.

BEL is a group of Byford residents who meet every Friday morning between 8 and 9am to beautify areas around the town. Seedlings are planted in winter after sites are prepared. The seedlings are watered for the first year and the sites regularly weeded and repaired.

Byford Enviro-Link is supported by Landcare SJ. If you are interested in helping contact LandcareSJ on 9526 0012 or

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