Serpentine River Threatened by Building Waste

Rubbish left by builders could pollute the Serpentine River system.

Builders rubbish Manjedal Brook 5

Members of the Byford Enviro-Link and the By ford Progress Association have been picking up  rubbish from the public open space that runs along Manjedal Brook.

Twenty bags were taken out of the Brook while the total for the immediate vicinity is now more than 300 bags.

Byford Enviro-Link volunteers collecting rubbish at Mandejal Brook POS, Whitby, Western Australia

BEL and BPA members collecting rubbish at Manjedal Brook


The bulk of the rubbish is builders waste including cement bags, brick wrapping, cardboard boxes, metres and metres of plastic wrap, polystyrene packaging and some takeaway food containers,  drink bottles and cans.


Builders rubbish by Manjedal Brook

This rubbish would all have been carried down into the Serpentine River and from there out to pollute our oceans, contaminating the fish we eat and killing sea animals and birds.

Builders rubbish at Mandejal Brook, Whitby, Western Australia

While we are doing our best to pick the rubbish up before it gets into the waterways, we are also working on ways to stop this disgraceful littering occurring in the first place.

Builders rubbish Manjedal Brook 7

Photos supplied by Tony Brown and Colleen Rankin

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