Byford Enviro-Link get new watering trailer and tank.

The Byford Enviro-Link, BEL, start the summer with a new trailer and watering tank thanks to a very generous $4,000 donation by a local businessman. The new tank has 1000 L capacity which will ensure that each site can be watered fully. The 4 wheeled trailer is much more stable on rough ground. On Friday […]

The Brickwood Signs are up!

  Landcare SJ and the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale have partnered together through the Community Funding Program to provide signs and doggy poop stations at different entrances to the Brickwood Reserve walk trail. This means walkers and their canines can enjoy the area while looking after it! The Friends of Brickwood Reserve group meet every month […]

Kids learn how to collect native seed in Western Australia.

Landcare SJ Officer, Kristy Gregory visited North Dandalup Primary School with Damien Grose from Tranen Revegetation Systems. He did a seed collecting session with the kids in their bushland.



A group of year 2 students spent time walking through the bush and learning about identification of native plant seed, ripeness and collection methods. Damien will process the seed for the school and give them some tips about germination so that seedlings can be grown in the school nursery.



Damian Grose from Tranen showing kids at the North Dandalup Primary School how to collect native seed. These seeds will be used to grow seedlings for native regeneration in the same area as part of the Rivers to Ramsar Project supported by the Peel Harvey Catchment Council through the Australian Government.


man measuring a tree, SJ part of an international drought research project

SJ part of an international drought research project

  Professor Mark Olson from UNAM, Mexico’s National University, visited Serpentine Jarrahdale on 28 November to carry out sampling of native tree species as part of an international drought research project. Professor Olson’s study is focussed on the link between moisture, temperature and vegetation height under climate change. As outlined in the project proposal document […]

Peel Harvey Catchment Council Community Grants

A total of $65,240 has been provided by the Australian Federal Government through the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council for the protection and enhancement of 4 significant bushland reserve in Serpentine Jarrahdale and north Murray. Brickwood reserve, Byford – 50ha Mundijong road and Duckpond reserve – 11ha North Dandalup Primary School reserve – 2ha Privately owned bushland […]

woman taking photos of weeds in bushland

North Dandalup Primary School Preserving Bushland

 North Dandalup Primary school has 2ha of bushland reserve, mostly in good condition, containing several types of  rare Marri Woodlands botanically classed as Threatened Ecological Communities. In the early days of settlement farmers knew that land containing certain species of plants and trees would have soil that would be successful for farming. As a consequence […]

Land in Jarrahdale planted by Green Army and Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale

SJ Shire and the Green Army plant Jarrahdale Drainage Basin

Drainage basin planted in Jarrahdale near the Munda Biddi track   A Green Army team planted 800 seedlings with Vanessa Slater from the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale and Kristy Gregory from Landcare SJ.     This is a Shire of SJ project that has addressed the drainage issues in the Chestnuts area. The site is […]