Byford Enviro-Link – Summer watering schedule

Byford Enviro-Link, a Byford based volunteer group supported by Landcare SJ, meets every Friday morning.

Percy Nairn Reserve gets a watering

The recent rains and high winds meant that there was weeding and tidying up to do. Unfortunately some young trees were uprooted.

However some shrubs had really shot up and so needed to be pruned to protect them from the next storm.












Thomas Road

The survival rate has been encouraging despite the site being next to a very busy open road verge.

 Alexander Road

Because of its location next to the rail line, this site gets regularly infested with weeds. However the biggest challenge to seedling survival has been the illegal dumping of sand, builders rubble and lawn clippings. This has meant that saucers have to be refashioned around each plant before watering can take place. Some seedlings have had sand and rubble dumped directly on top of them.

Today grass clippings made up mainly of grass seeds had to be removed from around a section of plants. It looked as if someone intended to mulch the plants but these seedlings would have been smothered by grass if they had not been removed.

If you are interested in joining BEL, we meet every Friday between 8 and 9am. There is no pressure to turn up every week.

Contact Landcare SJ on 9525 0046 for more information.

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