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The Mundijong tuart was first botanically described in 1909 and last officially seen in Jarrahdale in 1918!

Dr Jane Goodall, plants rare hybrid Eucalyptus x mundijongensis.

Jane Goodall planting extremely rare hybrid Eucalyptus x mundijongensis at Saw Avenue Picnic Area, Kings Park, Perth

The Search for the Mundijong tuart is back on.

Eucalyptus Mundijongensis growing in Dardanup

Baudins Black Cockatoos, photo by Darren Hamley

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2018 Great Cocky Count

Sunday 8th April

Water Hyacinth in Keralup

Water hyacinth on the Birega Drain and Serpentine River

Watch this space! Water hyacinth on the Birega Drain and Serpentine River  Do you remember this time last year ...
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Property Planning Flyer

Equine Landcare Events for Serpentine Jarrahdale

Landcare SJ and the SJ Equine Landcare Group, through funding from the State Natural Resource Management Program, is planning their ...
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Free Verge Plant Program 2018



Need to keep weeds down on your front verge? Have you ever thought about creating your own wildlife corridor? Or just want more birds around your garden? The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale's free verge plant and herbicide scheme can help you achieve these ends. The scheme is available for all residents of SJ who can apply for up to four years to receive native seedlings of their choice under the guidelines of the program. You can also apply for a litre of herbicide to keep those weeds in check and prepare the ground for planting.

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stinkweed growing amongst seedlings planted 2017 at Byford Scout Reserve

Stink weed at the Byford Scout Reserve

Byford Envirolink members are sticky and smelly but they have cleared a huge amount of stink weed from the Scout ...
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Lowlands Roo Count Flyer

Counting Roos at Lowlands Bushland – Can you help

During 2018, Landcare SJ will be assisting the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions to measure abundance of Western Grey ...
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