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Landcare SJ planting season started today, with thanks to the volunteers from Byford EnviroLink. Check our website for the planting calendar and lend a hand if you can. Dont forget National Tree Day on July 29 - supported by Byford and Districts Bendigo Bank.

The Peel-Harvey Catchment Council (PHCC) is working with...

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Have you seen this tree

The Mundijong tuart was first botanically described in 1909 and last officially seen in Jarrahdale in 1918!

Dr Jane Goodall, plants rare hybrid Eucalyptus x mundijongensis.

Jane Goodall planting extremely rare hybrid Eucalyptus x mundijongensis at Saw Avenue Picnic Area, Kings Park, Perth

The Search for the Mundijong tuart is back on.

Eucalyptus Mundijongensis growing in Dardanup

Landcare staff at the WA Feral Cat Symposium

Landcare SJ Staff and volunteers attended the WA Feral Cat Symposium.

On May 31st Landcare SJ Staff and volunteers attended the Peel Harvey Catchment Councils Feral Cat Symposium. The presentation list ...
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Presenters at the Native Garden Expo

Sun shines on recent Native Garden Expo

Putting on a brand new event is always a bit of a worry, you never know how popular it might ...
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Free Verge Plant Program 2018



We have had so many applications for the Free Verge Plant Program in the last two weeks  we need to take some time to processes applications. So for now the online application form has been closed until further notice.

Thank you for your interest

Get Involved

Reece Jerrett Work Experienced Person at Landcare SJ

New work experience team mate at Landcare SJ

You might notice a new face around the Landcare SJ office on a Thursday morning. Learn more about our new ...
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stinkweed growing amongst seedlings planted 2017 at Byford Scout Reserve

Stink weed at the Byford Scout Reserve

Byford Envirolink members are sticky and smelly but they have cleared a huge amount of stink weed from the Scout ...
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Citizen Science at its best in SJ

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 Thanks everyone for your contribution to the Serpentine River Water Hyacinth Eradication Project.

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